Here are what some oh-so-intelligent people are saying about TSIB, without us having to offer goods and/or services in return….

 Rocky Top Talk:

This group of Alabama and Tennessee fans decided to hang out a shingle as a team and, rather than arguing back and forth between separate blogs, keep most of the animosity in-house. Sports blogs thrive on such things, so what could be better than one with it built right in? Great concept, great name, and great content.

…If sports blogs are indeed fueled by animus, Third Saturday in Blogtober could simply coast on fumes for the next 107 years of the rivalry.

Roll Bama Roll:

 Clever title, and their ongoing effort to bring peace and cooperation between Alabama and Tennessee fans is doomed to fail admirable.

Conquest Chronicles:

A great name and an even better concept. This is how a rivalry should be. Alabama and Tennessee fans co-write a blog together, let the fur fly or the fireworks begin. These guys get it and they do some great writing while throwing some snarky jabs at one another. A great read!

Black Heart, Gold Pants:

Anyhoo, it’s a Tide fan and a Vawl fan blogging together! Mass hysteria! It’s actually really well done, professional, excellent the whole way through.

Gate 21:

A great blog which has contributions from both Tennessee and Alabama fans. Regularly updated with really solid articles, which are extremely well written, can be really funny, and which have real substance (as opposed to simply looking good like my blog … oh well). I especially loved their “interviews” with the SEC coaches this year. My favorite “reading” blog, with great writing.

Senator Blutarsky

…a great blog, and an ever better blog name…


2 Responses to “Talkin’ ‘Bout Us”

  1. 1 Josh Lay
    August 15, 2008 at 2:53 am

    after moving from beloved big orange country out west to portland,or , its been difficult to keep up with the vols. thanks for such a great informative site, with knowledgeable bama fans to boot.

  2. 2 Steve Reed
    November 10, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Fulmer stole the job from Johnny Majors and then was fornuate enough to have Cutliffe to guide the program. The Vols best choice would be to hire Jon Grunden.

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